Mum’s agony losing baby at 17 weeks after kidney condition diagnosed in womb


A mother has spoken of her heartbreak at having to give birth to her stillborn son at 17 weeks after a kidney condition was diagnosed in the womb.

Jessica Lee, 25, gave birth to baby Albie John Robert Jones after he was found to have kidney dysplasia when Jess was just 12 weeks pregnant.

But the brave mum, from Anfield, and her partner James, 29, said despite the trauma, they have managed to find a positive from the tragedy.

Jessica said : “It was traumatic. Having to go through all that pain and the trauma of a labour knowing my son had already died.

“I gave birth just before 7am and was allowed to spend time with him.

“Me and James were allowed to hold him for as long as we wanted and it was so special to have that time as a family.”

Shortly after she gave birth at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, a member of the Honeysuckle Bereavement Service came to visit Jess and James.

They were given clothes, hats and a crib for Albie to rest in while he was with them.

The couple were also given advice about counselling and what other support them could receive, including help planning Albie’s funeral.

And both Jess and James say the team have been “angels on earth”.

Jessica said: “The team are just incredible, we never would have been able to go through this without their support.

“Every step of the way they have been with us. I was so frightened, we both were, and they walked us through it all.”

The Honeysuckle team helped Jess and James, who are also parents to one-year-old daughter Isla, plan a private cremation for Albie and have continued to stay in touch with the family since they got home from the hospital.

Since getting home, Jess and James felt it was important to help pay back the team for everything they have done.

She said: “We will never really be able to repay them, but we wanted to help in Albie’s memory.”

After setting up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for the team, the couple discussed the amount they should put as the target.

Jess said: “I wanted to put £300 but James [was concerned] people were struggling financially at the minute.

“The page gained £1,600 and we have never been so shocked and amazed.

“People have been so generous and I am so grateful that everyone wanted to help us thank them in Albie’s name.

“He has already changed the world for the better and that money will go towards helping families just like ours.”

James said the team have also taken the time out to make sure he is coping okay with everything that has happened.

He added: “They know everyone in the family is going through it and while they have been amazing with Jess, they have also been checking in on me which has felt amazing.”

Jess said she wouldn’t have been able to get out of bed had it not been for the team.

She said: “The support of James, my friends and family has been incredible but without Honeysuckle I wouldn’t have known what to do.

“Now I know it is important that we don’t just go ‘back to normal’ because our lives have changed forever.

“Going forward I want to make sure other people can access the support we have because of Albie.”

Posting on the GoFundMe page, Jess said: “After losing my son I didn’t know how to feel, I fell apart and so did my world.

“The Honeysuckle Bereavement team at the Liverpool Women’s hospital have been absolutely incredible and without them I can’t bare to begin to imagine how much worse I would be feeling.

“From helping to arrange Albie’s funeral to sorting out counselling for me and Jay.

“Even dressing Albie and taking his hands and footprints for me when I was in no fit state too this is all for FREE!

“They’re like a team of earth angles instead of us paying for Albies funeral we have decided to donate what money we would of spent to their charity instead.”